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Propecia Results(Finasteride 1 mg): Propecia is the first FDA approved oral medication proven to halt hair loss and rregrow hair in men suffering from male pattern baldness.
Propecia5 mg(Finasteride 5 mg): Proscar is FDA approved for benign prostate enlargement and is also used bby many men as a cost savings alternative to Propecia by splitting the tablets into 5 pieces thus providing 5 daily doses of Finasteride.
Now Available: Lumigan brand Eye Drops (bimatoprost .03%). Also known as Latisse, Lumigan is an ophthalmic medication originally approved to treat glaucoma. More recently, Lumigan or Latisse has been approved for eyelash growth. Exciting new studies are underway which indicate that Bimatoprost may also be effective in growing new hair on the scalp in both men and women who suffer from pattern baldness.

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