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  Product: Rogaine Foam
Medication: Minoxidil 5% Foam
Manufacturer: McNeil-PPC, Inc.

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Rogaine and Propecia Synergism
The exact way that Minoxidil works to promote hair growth is not fully know. The medication is known to be a strong vasodilator, which means that it causes the walls of blood vessels to relax and widen, therefore allowing more blood flow to pass through them; but it is generally understood by most experts that there is some other additional way that the drug works in relation to growing hair, which remains somewhat of a mystery. The best way to describe it is that it seems to be a “growth factor” for hair.

Propecia is a valuable tool against the hereditary malady of hair loss and is a much better choice than using Rogaine Minoxidil by itself. However, since finasteride and minoxidil work in totally different ways, combining Rogaine and Propecia has a synergistic effect, which means that the benefits can be greater than the combined individual effects of the drugs. Of course the same holds true for combining Rogaine foam with Avodar dutasteride.

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