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bimatoprost .03 % - 3 ml bottle
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Product: Bimat
Medication: Bimatoprost 0.3 mg / 3 mg bottle
Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma

Also available. Lumigan (Latisse) Allergan name brand bimatoprost

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Latisse applicator brushes used for eyelash application of Latisse, Lumigan or generic bimatoprost.

How to apply generic Latisse

Bimatoprost is initially applied daily with maximal effect typically seen at approx 16 weeks.  At any time of use if desired growth of lashes is achieved, application can be decreased to every other day or every third day should slightly lesser growth be desired.  After removing makeup and contacts, eyelids should be cleaned and one drop of bimatoprost is placed on the applicator ran across upper lid lash line.  

Bimatoprost .03% topical solution to treat hair loss in men

Since generic bimatoprost has been shown to grow eyelashes and eyebrows thicker and stronger, scientists have been curious if the drug can also stimulate hair growth on the scalp of men suffering from alopecia (male pattern baldness). Clinical trials are underway and regulatory approval is pending. Initial trials are showing very positive results for the ability of men to grow hair on the scalp using generic latisse or bimatoprost .03% topical solution..

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